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Susan Brock Police Report: Removal of "Temple Garments," a Meeting With LDS Officials, and Way Too Many Sex Toys for One Woman to Keep in Her Car


Turns out that she, her county supervisor husband, Fulton Brock, and the parents of the victim of her bizarre sexual trysts met with leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in October 2009 to discuss "frustration with Mrs. Brock's interference in [their] son's life."
The report goes on to detail specifics of the relationship between Brock and the now-17-year-old victim, including a plethora of vibrating sex toys, Brock's temple-issued special undies, and threats of suicide by her.

During the 2009 meeting with LDS Stake President Mitch Jones, the father of Brock's victim asked her point-blank if she was having a sexual relationship with his son. Brock denied it -- with her county supervisor husband sitting in the room with her.

Following the meeting, the boy's parents "angrily" returned an iPod Susan Brock had given their son. Fulton Brock took possession of the iPod, the report states.

The report goes on to say how Susan Brock claims to have never told her husband anything about the relationship before her arrest, at which point she copped to touching the boy twice.

"Here, here, here's the scoop," Brock said in a phone call to the boy (recorded by police after they started investigating the relationship) when asked whether Fulton Brock knew about the relationship. "I just said [to Fulton that] I touched you twice, and performed, tried to perform oral whatever, and it was a disaster. You didn't like it, and I said it was last spring and last December."

In reality, Brock and the boy had at least 30 sexual encounters over the three years they'd been meeting for sex. Following at least 15 to 20 of those encounters, Brock gave the boy $100, the victim later told police.

"Does Fulton know you've done anything else to me," the boy asked Brock during the same conversation. "Like given me handjobs or things like that?"

Brock responded, "Fulton is not going to find out [about anything further]; he hasn't found out about anything we've done in the past three years [until, according to her, she told him about some of it]. We've done a pretty good job of hiding it."

Apparently not good enough -- Susan Brock is now facing a minimum of seven years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

While Fulton Brock may not have known what was going on between his wife and the victim, despite her comments to the victim, there were certainly signs -- namely, the parents of a then-16-year-old boy asking in his presence whether his wife was having sex with their son, according to police reports.

Brock apparently planned to kill herself and send the victim to law school, too.

"If this ever went in the public or the police ever came to my door, I'd kill myself," Brock told the boy (someone might want to tell the Arizona Republic -- which seems to think Brock made those threats to her husband -- to re-read the police report. See the Repub's now-edited article about the report here).

Brock went on to tell the boy "I'm going to kill myself, and I love you" before promising him she'd change her will and leave him $300,000 so he could "go to college and become the best lawyer ever."

In one of the more ironic encounters between Brock and the boy, she and the victim were in the back of her Lexus at a secluded spot by the Chandler airport when Brock took off all of her clothes, including her "Temple garments," as she performed oral sex on the boy while using a pink vibrator on herself. The boy, the report shows, ejaculated on Brock's exposed chest -- the same part of the body those "Temple garments" are intended to conceal.

In total, Brock had at least three vibrators she used during her encounters with the boy, including one described as a "long wand" with a "brick-type head."

Brock, the boy says, was able to coax him into continuing the sexual encounters by threatening to tell the parents of his girlfriend about their relationship. The girl's parents didn't like the victim to begin with, and news that he was cheating on the girl with an older woman could have spelled even more trouble for the relationship.

Brock, however, would often provide the victim and his girlfriend a place to have sex -- for example, the back of her car as it was parked in a mall parking lot. In that case, Brock drove the children to the mall, left them -- and a pre-placed sex "kit" -- alone in the vehicle as she went into the mall. Then she'd wait until the boy sent her a text message saying they were finished and Brock could return. She even offered to dispose of used condoms.

The victim, it appears, wasn't all that interested in having sex with Brock -- at first, anyway. The boy told police that he'd never really had sex before his relationship with Brock. During the first encounter, the victim says she asked him "why don't you look at me" and asked him to kiss her  -- all while giving him a "handjob." The boy then asked Brock to "take me home, please."

Brock's sentencing is scheduled for March 16.  

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