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Susan Brock Told to Stay Away From Alleged Victim's School Before Molestation Charges

Good parents might think a grown woman repeatedly bringing their teenage son lunch at school and frequently picking him up might be a bit of a red flag -- as did the parents of the alleged victim of Susan Brock, wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, who's in jail on child-molestation charges for allegedly carrying out a years-long sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the parents of Brock's victim apparently thought her picking up their son from school was getting a little weird. They told the boy's school that Brock was not permitted to pick him up -- before knowing she was having sex with the boy.


In fact, Chandler police spokesman Sergeant Joe Favazzao tells New Times that Brock was told by the school that she was not permitted on school grounds. She was told by the principal of the school that if she was found on school property the police would be called.

According to the court docs, before Susan Brock's arrest, the boy's parents forbade their son from seeing Brock, which suggests they knew something was up that was inappropriate. Apparently they were right.

Brock was arrested in October after the parents of the alleged victim found sexually charged text messages from Brock on a cell phone she bought for the boy. She used the name "Timmy Turner" when text-messaging him.

The boy claims he and Brock carried out a three-year sexual relationship -- starting when he was 14 years old -- in which the two had sexual encounters in Brock's car, the house she shares with her husband and children, and even at her mother's house.

The boy had a girlfriend whose parents didn't approve of their relationship. So Brock allegedly let the boy and his girlfriend have sex at her house. She even bought the two condoms.

On Tuesday, Brock's friend, Christian Weems, was arrested for allegedly trying to destroy evidence against Brock. Read about that fiasco here.

Brock's being held without bail at a Maricopa County jail. As you might imagine, her county supervisor husband has already filed for divorce.

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