Suspect Arrested in Robbery of 80-Year-Old Woman's Wedding Ring

Phoenix police this afternoon arrested a woman they believe is responsible for stealing an 80-year-old woman's wedding ring off her finger on Sunday, after the victim generously offered to give the suspect money to buy gas.

Phoenix police Officer Luis Samudio tells New Times that 28-year-old Jenny White was arrested about noon today for the robbery.

White, Samudio says, already was being held at a Maricopa County jail on an unrelated crime.

Samudio wasn't sure what crime White in the clink for but says tipsters and admissions made by White during an interrogation led to the the arrest.

In case you missed our Tuesday post about the robbery, here's what police say went down.

About 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, the 80-year-old victim was in the shampoo aisle of a grocery store at 545 East Bell Road in Phoenix when police say White approached her and asked for money.

White identified herself as a hairstylist and offered to help the old lady style her hair.

Then, police say, White told the woman that she needed money so she could put gas in her car.

The elderly victim told White that she had no cash on her but -- out of the kindness of her heart -- would go with her to an ATM machine and get her some cash.

The victim and White left the grocery store, hopped in the victim's car, and drove to an ATM machine, where the victim attempted to get the suspect some money.

The victim was unable to get any cash from the machine, at which point White, according Samudio, "became very aggressive."

Samudio says White then grabbed the victim's hand and ripped off the wedding ring she was wearing.

White then jumped out of the car and fled on foot.

After her arrest this afternoon, White was charged with strong-armed robbery and taken back to jail.

The wedding ring has been recovered but not yet returned to the victim.

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