Suspected Kid-Diddler Found Dead in Pool. Cops Think Suicide

Phoenix police found the body of a man in the bottom of his pool last night who just happened to be a suspected kid-diddler.

Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos tells New Times that detectives went to the Phoenix home of 58-year-old James Ziarnick about 9 p.m. yesterday to talk to him about an investigation into allegations that he had sexual conduct with an 11-year-old girl.

When police got to the house, they rang the doorbell and attempted to call Ziarnick on the phone. Ziarnick didn't respond to any of the detectives attempts to contact him.

Police entered Ziarnick's backyard -- and that's when they found him dead at the bottom of his pool.

It apparently wasn't drowning in his pool that did in Ziarnick -- he also sustained a fatal gunshot wound.

"We believe this to be a suicide, though the final determination remains the responsibility of the Medical Examiners Officers," Martos says.

The investigation into the death is ongoing, Martos says. Check back for updates. 

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