Suspected Prostitute Leaves Kid In the Car While She Arranges to "Service" Undercover Cop

The strains of finding babysitters or daycare reach every mother in every profession -- even the world's oldest.

On Tuesday afternoon, while suspected prostitute Ana Perez Garcia was being arrested during an undercover sting, police found her 1-year-old daughter sitting in the woman's running car.

Officers read Perez her rights, and a police report says she admitted to prostituting herself for the past six months.

She says she works for an agency that arranges four or more "appointments" each day, and she only brought her daughter along because no one would look after the child.

Perez admitted it was wrong, according to the report, but says she thought she would be in-and-out quickly and back to the car.

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Police arrested Perez on suspicion of prostitution, operating without an escort license, and child neglect.

The bust began when an undercover team of officers called an advertisement they found in Paisano Magazine - a local Spanish-language magazine.

The officer arranged a meeting near 35th Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, the location of Windmill Inns and Suites.

Around 4 p.m. Perez walked into the hotel room and asked if her soon-to-be client was a cop, records show. (She apparently didn't know that cops are legally allowed to lie to her on that question.)

Six minutes later the undercover officer handed $140 to Perez, which police say they had both agreed was payment for sex.

Cops cuffed Perez, and she soon informed police her daughter was waiting in her car.

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