"Suspicious Device" at Palo Verde Nuclear Plant Only a Flare

As is almost always the case when police find a suspicious anything, the suspicious device found in a car entering the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station this morning was nothing sinister.

If you're unfamiliar with this morning's brief scare click here.

As it turns out, all the hubbub was over a smoke flare.

The device was found about 5 a.m. today in the car of an employee of the plant. All vehicles must pass through a checkpoint to get into the plant, which makes sense considering it's the largest nuclear power plant in the country.

When security guards searched the employees car during a routine search, they found the device, which if you've ever seen a smoke flare, could easily be mistaken for a stick of dynamite.

The flare was given to the Sheriff's Office and detonated.

Authorities say the flare belongs to the wife of the employee driving the car in which it was found. He, reportedly, did not know it was there.

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James King
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