Suspicious Package Found Near Palo Verde Plant

Suspicious Package Found Near Palo Verde Plant

The Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is the largest nuclear power facility in the country. So, naturally, people freaked out this morning when a suspicious package was found at the facility.

Security guards at the plant called the Sheriff's Office about 5 a.m. today after they found the package in the vehicle of a person trying to enter the plant.

Guards check all vehicles entering and exiting the plant. A package in this individual's car apparently was enough to raise suspicion.

Officials won't say what, exactly, was so suspicious about the package, but police shut down traffic going in and out of the plant and called in the bomb squad.

About 5:30 a.m., another call was made to police about a second suspicious "device" found at the facility. The call led to confusion that there were two suspicious packages at the facility but it seems the second call was just someone calling to describe the initial package.

The plant, officials say, is operating normally two of its three reactors operating at full power. The third has been shut down for refueling and maintenance.

Officers are questioning the man found in the car with the package. Even if the "suspicious package" turns out to be this guy's lunch, this is the biggest nuclear plant in the country -- at least security's doing its job.


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