Swann's ugly duckling: Jarrett Maupin off ballot, Goober Gordon's lameness endures.

In a major disappointment for mayoral hopeful Rev. Jarrett Maupin, Judge Peter Swann just returned a decision effectively dismissing Maupin's lawsuit aimed at placing his name on the September 11 ballot. Judge Swann agreed with the Phoenix City Attorney that Maupin's challenge had come too late in the day for the court to decide on Maupin's claim, as the ballots have already been printed, and must be delivered tomorrow, according to state law. In essence, the City contended that the clock had run out, and the Court agreed.

Judge Swann wrote,

The principal contention advanced by the city is mootness. Today is August 8, 2007. Pursuant to A.R.S.16-545B, the City must physically deliver the early ballots by tomorrow -- August 9, 2007. Because compliance with this statute would be impossible if the Court were to order the ballots reprinted, the City contends that the case must be dismissed as moot. Though it is not eager to resolve matters of public importance on procedural grounds, the Court agrees with the City's legal analysis.

Swann concluded,

Because the Court concludes this action must be dismissed on grounds of mootness, it expresses no opinion and makes no finding concerning the underlying merits of Mr. Maupin's claim.

So Goober Gordon escapes stinging defeat at the hands of a 20-year-old due to a technicality. For those who say Maupin hadn't a snow cone's chance in August, ask yourself why Goober Gordon's campaign spent god knows how much of its own money and the City's money keeping Maupin off the ballot, when it's obvious from anyone who looks at Maupin's petition sheets that he had far more than the 1500 signatures required.

"We are going to appeal to the [state] Supreme Court," promised Maupin after hearing the news, advising his followers, "Keep the faith. Things are not always as they appear. Truth crushed to the ground will rise again."

Maupin registered to be a write-in candidate as well, but one wonders if he can do as much damage to Gordon as such. The challenge for Maupin now will be to come in second, ahead of Republican Steve Lory, despite this setback.

Gordon's mediocrity is far outshone by Maupin's ability on so many fronts. I've yet to meet the idiot who can get excited by Gordon's candidacy, save for Gordon. And even Gordon sounds like he's trying to convince himself.

Update: Seems Maupin may not get to be a write-in candidate either as the deadline for certification has reportedly past. So through an almost Soviet-like system of control, we have Goober Gordon thrust upon us for another four years. I hope the people of Phoenix will remember all of the sneaky bullshit Goober's camp pulled to get this pathetic pol re-elected. If he thinks we will forget, he is sadly mistaken.

For more on Maupin's challenge, read,

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