"Spiritual Warrior" James Arthur Ray
"Spiritual Warrior" James Arthur Ray

Sweat Lodge Organizer Denies Building Structure

The public blame game surrounding the death of two people at the "spiritual warrior" retreat near Sedona is officially under way.

Howard Bragman, a spokesman for James Arthur Ray, the self-help author who organized the retreat, says Ray and his staff were not responsible for building the structure at the Angel Valley site.

This is in contrast to the Yavapai County Sherriff's Office claim that Ray and his staff were the ones who built the tent where two people died last week.

Bragman tells the New York Times that it was not Ray who built the deadly structure but people at Angel Valley, who were contracted to "design and construct" the tent.

Angel Valley officials declined to comment and did not return phone calls this morning.

Ray left the Sedona area the night of the incident, without giving a police statement. 


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