Swine Flu Arizona: Maricopa has 11 Confirmed Cases and 100 Suspected; Schools to Remain Open

The state Department of Health Services released a slew of news releases this evening about swine flu. Here are the highlights:

*Maricopa County -- Eleven new cases, bringing the total to 20. One hundred more suspected swine flu samples have been sent to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control for testing. County officials plan to continue their policy of keeping schools open even if a student falls ill from the virus.

*Pinal County: Five confirmed cases. All the patients are feeling better or have recovered fully.

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*La Paz County: One confirmed case. The patient has recovered.

*Pima County: Four additional cases, bringing the total to 10 confirmed cases. All four of the newest patients have recovered.

*Santa Cruz County: A 7-year-old child is the county's second confirmed case.

*Yavapai County: No confirmed cases.

*Apache County: No confirmed cases.

*Yuma County: Ten more confirmed cases, bringing the total to 11. All 11 people have fully recovered.

For complete details from the state's swine flu Web site, click here.

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