Swine Flu Arizona -- One Case Confirmed; State Schools Chief Says Campus Closures Possible

The latest Internet news on the swine flu:

* The first case in Arizona has been confirmed, and three other cases are suspected. None of the victims were "gravely ill or hospitalized," health officials say.

* The state schools chief says schools reporting a case of swine flu should close the campus immediately to prevent the spread of the virus.

* A 2-year-old Mexican boy suspected to have died from swine flu in Texas had flu symptoms three weeks ago. The boy, who had "underlying health problems," had been brought to Texas from Mexico City on April 4 and developed the symptoms four days later.

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are considering changing the name of swine flu to avoid the misconception that the illness can be contracted from pork products.

* Two more schools with suspected cases are closed in New York.

* California schools urge calm.

* A 5-year-old Mexican boy is earliest known case of new swine flu.

* The World Health Organization declares swine flu is dangerously close to becoming a pandemic.

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