Tables Turned on Michael Monti Supporter, as "Your" Cops Apparently Like Monti for Tempe Mayor

The picture above was an interesting sighting at the corner of Baseline and McClintock in Tempe today. As you can see, "your" cops apparently support Michael Monti for Tempe mayor.

That's interesting, seeing as it was just a few weeks ago that a Monti fan complained that "your" firefighters support Mark Mitchell for mayor, according to campaign signs.

We phoned up Randy Keating, chairman of the Legislative District 17 Democrats, to see if he planned on ripping down the pro-Monti signs, considering the district's Republican Party chair A.J. LaFaro told the Arizona Republic he planned on doing just that to pro-Mitchell signs, as he thought they violated city rules.

"No, I do not," Keating tells New Times.

OK, so it's not turning into a sign-stealing battle, but Keating says he did file a complaint with the city over the same issue -- mostly because LaFaro played the same card.

"These types of signs recently [became] the topic of controversy when, Monti supporter, Mr. A.J. La Faro filed a formal complaint against the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona," Keating's complaint says. "Mr. LaFaro upped the ante when he advocated that his group, the Legislative 17 Republicans, violate state law and take the Fire Fighters' signs down.
"Unfortunately, Mr. LaFaro, a Monti supporter, seems to lack the same outrage for the near exact signs paid for by and put up by Mr. Monti and did not make a complaint against him," the complain continues. "Therefore, I feel compelled to file this complaint with your office."

This was getting saucy until a couple of hours ago, as the Arizona Republic reports City Manager Charlie Meyer told LaFaro his complaint was in the garbage "closed."

Also a fun fact about the sign battle: The pro-Mitchell signs were paid for by United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association. The Monti signs, as you can see in the fine print in the photo at the top, are paid for by "Monti4Mayor."

Keating points that out in his complaint that it's not a police union or group supporting Monti, according to the sign, it's just cops. "Your" cops. If you have cops, they love Monti, according to Monti's sign.

"Mr. Monti's signs are deceptive to Tempe residents," Keating's complaint says. "They do no represent any real endorsement from 'law enforcement,' and were only purchased and posted by Mr. Monti to mislead the voting public."

LaFaro has an explanation. He tells New Times that he sent in the complaint on March 24, before the Monti signs touting the approval of "your" cops went up.

Additionally, LaFaro says he doesn't think "your law enforcement" was a reference to police officers, saying he would've expected the signs to be paid for by a police union if that were the case.

"When I saw those signs go up...it was my impression that they were talking about the attorneys," he says.

The attorneys being Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Attorney General Tom Horne, who have indeed endorsed Monti for mayor.

Either way, "your" firefighters like Mitchell, "your law enforcement" likes Monti, "your" cops (many of them) like Mitchell, and everyone's complaints are probably going in the garbage. (It's Tempe, so maybe the recycle bin.)

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