Take a Tour of Dave Hendershott's Luxury Home; Fired Joe Arpaio Chief Deputy Lost Last Home to Foreclosure


Sheriff Arpaio's double-dipping, now-fired chief deputy, Dave Hendershott, lost his last home in foreclosure proceedings and has been on administrative leave for months while under investigation.

This hasn't stopped him from living in the lap of luxury, judging by his current residence.

In 2008, a real estate firm specializing in high-end habitations showed off what would become Hendershott's new pad in a video -- meaning you can take a tour of Hendershott's 5,700-square-foot "Tuscan estate" home (see video below). It features a basement playroom with a wet bar, home movie theater, and other posh amenities.

Hendershott, whose termination at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office becomes official on May 5, has earned "at least $267,000 annually"in recent years, according to a published report. Before his 1999 double-dip, (in which he retired, began collecting his pension, then got re-hired to the same job), Hendershott and his wife, Anna, had filed for bankruptcy twice, in 1986 and 1998.


Hendershott's shower is big enough to fit several of his top deputies.


Last year, the chief deputy fell behind in his payments after taking out a $774,000 second mortgage on a home in Peoria and was scheduled to be booted out in a foreclosure proceeding. We're not sure what happened in the end because the records to which we linked in last year's article have been taken offline by the county.

But Hendershott seems to have lost the Peoria home, because he's now living in house in north Phoenix that's owned by a real estate agent and was recently listed as a rental. How do we know this is his home? A couple of reasons: When a reader tipped us off to this video, the reader included a link to a TV news spot that had failed to black out Hendershott's address from his termination letter. The news report has since redacted the information, but the house number is still visible as the TV reporters approached the home. 

Also, Channel 5 (KPHO-TV) reached Hendershott at the home recently, and (as in the other TV news video), the house looks just the same as in the real estate video. We've included a screen shot of the Channel 5 interview attempt for comparison.

We edited Hendershott's address out of this real estate video because, well, a long time ago, the guy used to be a cop who busted actual bad guys instead of just Arpaio's political opponents.

He'll probably be moving out of this place before too long, anyway.

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