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Tards in Cyberspace

What pisses me off more than PHX light-rail construction, Mayor Phil "I'm a Pissant" Gordon, and the fact that most P-town restaurants close before 10pm? Answer: Tards who write me letters calling me a cross between Satan and Sasquatch, while using FAKE e-mail addresses so that when I discharge a deadly verbal flame burst in their direction, it bounces back to me from the e-postmaster. The latest pusillanimous little slug to pull this chickenshit move is one "Lani," who's too much of a yellow-sphinctered, lily-livered dingleberry-picker to engage me in an actual give and take over the battle between Tom Anderson and Michele De Lafreniere, as detailed in this week's Bird column. So he sends me the note below via the Phoenix New Times website, utilizing a bad return e-mail address. My response is posted after his initial missive. If anyone knows this tomato-peel-speckled turd, send him a link to this. I'd love to rub his face in his own excremental poltroonery.

(PS: As you can see, Lani's unacquainted with spellcheck...)

DATE/TIME: December 29, 2006, 1:52 am MST

SUBJECT: Tranny-Gate

LETTER: I don't think I've ever felt so sick from reading a news article as I was after reading yours.. The way you can be callous and bigotted towards trans people, clearly not understanding that they are human beings and deserve the same respect as everyone else is mind boggling.. I feel that free speech is one thing, but targeting a group of people, writing a "News Article" and slanting it so far into bigotted territory, is not protected speech, but is in fact hate speech. He, She, I give up.. what kind of behaviour is that? I just wanted you too know that I find your bigottry sick, twisted and your understanding of trans people about as ignorant as jerry falwell's understanding of gay and lesbian people. You should be fired, you should be sued and you should never be allowed too work in a position where you write news articles because you don't seem too be able too write anything other than bigotted articles that help propogate the misunderstanding and fear of a minority gr oup. Your homophobic and even if you were trying too be funny, I don't think your sense of humor is appropriate for a news forum.. Go too a KKK meeting, with your bigotted personality you might just fit in. Also in finishing, if you ever wrote anything about me the way you did about that woman, I would push for criminal charges as well as a lawsuit large enough too ensure you never live anywhere but a cardboard box!


My response to Loser Lani:

I think what's far more sickening, Lani, is that Michele was and is attempting to put Anderson out of business for her own political ends, even though Anderson has a very legitimate business reason for his actions. It seems you believe "hate speech" is any speech you do not agree with. This is a common misperception of the far left. And I say this, truly, as the most liberal man I know.

Be a little careful when you throw about phrases such as "hate speech" and "homophobic." You obviously do not know very much about me, where I've lived, and who have been my dearest friends. I'd also remind you that, if you've ever been to a drag show, there's nothing more outrageous, nothing more scandalous (and nothing more entertaining) than the pronouncements of the performers. As far as lawsuits go, these do not proscribe the First Amendment in the way you seem to think they do.

Finally, my column is not a straight news column. It's just as much opinion as anything else. But my opinions are based on facts, facts that are often inconvenient to close-minded and intolerant persons.

All the same, thanks for the letter. Normally, when the New Times runs letters we need the last name of the writer and the specific city they live in. If you can send that, it would be most appreciated.


Stephen Lemons

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