TASER International Quick to Point Out that Stun Gun Found in Michael Jackson's Kids' Home Wasn't a Taser

From a business perspective, having your company mentioned in a news article with a headline that contains the words "Michael Jackson" and "kids" is something companies probably try to avoid.

Although the latest Jacko news story doesn't involve any allegations of sexual abuse, Taser International seems eager to distance itself from the family of the deceased King of Pop.

As you may know, a stun-gun was found in the home of Jackson's mother, Katherine, which has prompted an investigation by California Child Services.

The stun-gun was ordered online by Jaafar Jackson, the 13-year-old son of Jermaine Jackson, who is living in the house with Katherine and several of the family's other young children, including Michael's.

According to a press release from the Jackson family, the stun-gun was almost immediately confiscated by the family's security detail, and nobody was hurt, yet there is still an investigation.

In the press release from the Jackson family, Katherine Jackson made a mistake made by a lot of people when referring to stun-guns: she called it a Taser.

The folks at Taser International didn't seem to like that because they claim the stun-gun in question was not a brand name Taser but a stun gun made by a different company.

Jackson was compelled to issue a second press release with a correction stating that she meant to refer to the weapon as a generic stun-gun.

Stacey Todd, a communications assistant for Taser International, sent us a copy of the new press release but declined to comment on why Taser got all butt-hurt over a such mundane detail.

We wanted to know if Michael Jackson's taboo reputation is what prompted Taser to call for the correction, but the company declined to comment.

If that in fact was the case, give Michael Jackson a break. Sure, he has a checkered past -- but the guy did make "Thriller".

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