Tater Tots and a Video from the Nativists Featuring Yours Truly

On this day after Thanksgiving, I want to show my appreciation to the nativist knuckleheads who've helped me fill endless blog items with reports on their stupidities and racist deeds. Without you white pride doofuses to kick around, all I'd have left would be neo-Nazis, bigoted politicos, corruption, and Sheriff Joe. Of course, they all generally mix together into one poisonous brew that is our beloved state of Ari-bama. So in other words, I'm blessed.

Jeez, how can you not like Tater Tots?

As a way of offering a smidgen of thanks to the vicious nativist horde, I offer up a video from Riders Against Illegal Aliens' YouTube site. This RAIA group is made up of a bunch of hateful rednecks that give bikers a bad name. Forget the days of Easy Rider, the trailer trash in this crew is more akin to the toothless white pride idgits in Mississippi Burning.

Unlike the now-defunct American Freedom Riders, once led by Danny Smith -- a stand-up guy, despite our differences on immigration -- RAIA's swill only know how to hurl anti-gay epithets and act as if they want to throw down, with emphasis on the word "act." Lovely bunch of lumpen cretins, they are.

I'll give them this, the video is amusing. I can't recall if I've ever posted it before, but what the heck? I do like Tater Tots, BTW. But then, who doesn't? I'm sure they love to drool over the fake blood at the end. Once again, they've helped make my point about what kind of folks they really are.

I do occasionally receive anonymous death threats related to my writings on immigration, but I figure that comes with the territory. And anyway, like someone cool once said, "Take your best shot, Oswald." I'm not going anywhere.

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