Taxes Drive Mesa Woman to Stab Husband With Butcher Knife

A wife and mother of two from Mesa is in hot water after an argument with her husband over taxes prompted her to bite and slap the man, as well as stab him with a butcher's knife.

Mesa police say that 41-year-old Sonia Hules got pinched after her 13-year-old son called police to report that his parents were fighting.

When police responded to the call, the husband told them that Hules started yelling at him to do the taxes after he returned home from the grocery store with their children.

After a brief argument, the husband says Hules started slapping him, so he tried to restrain her on the couch. But she bit his arm and shoulder and escaped.

Once she got back to her feet, her husband says Hules grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and lunged at him, cutting him on his left hand and forearm.

The husband did not need medical attention and is expected to be fine.

Police say Hules later admitted to the scuffle.

She was booked on charges of domestic violence, aggravated assault, and disorderly conduct.

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