Teenagers May Get Marijuana From People Who Have Marijuana, Local Media Discovers

According to several Valley reporters, a new survey shows that some Arizona teenagers have obtained marijuana from people who can legally possess marijuana.

"No shit," say the rest of us.

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Consulting the report referenced in pieces such as "Teens score pot from medical marijuana cardholders," "Arizona students say they got pot from card holders," and "Study: 1 in 9 students say they got pot from cardholders," we see that only 1-in-9 teenagers -- of the 1-in-7 who smoked marijuana in the last month -- have gotten weed from medical marijuana card-holders. In other words, less than 2 percent of teenagers got their weed from a card-holder.

Methods of obtaining marijuana that are more popular with the pot-smoking youngsters include almost every single other method listed, including friends (72.7 percent), parties (28.6 percent), other (23.7 percent), family/relatives (14.8 percent), and school (13.4 percent).

In fact, the only less-popular method of obtaining marijuana is "home" (6.1 percent), which doesn't sound like a place someone would typically stumble upon marijuana anyway.

For some reason, the survey from the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission didn't ask the 8 percent of kids who abused prescription drugs in the last month if they obtained the pills from someone with a prescription.

Report here.

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Matthew Hendley
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