This is what Noe Marcos Colazo's motorcycle looked like after crashing it into a pole at 157 mph.
This is what Noe Marcos Colazo's motorcycle looked like after crashing it into a pole at 157 mph.

Tempe Man Crashes Motorcycle Into Pole While Doing 157 MPH. Dude Lived

A Tempe man is in pretty rough shape after wrecking his motorcycle into a traffic signal pole early Sunday morning.

There's good chance 19-year-old Noe Marcos Colazo is gonna live, Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tim Gaffney tells New Times, but he could possibly lose a leg -- which is incredible considering he was doing about 157 mph at the time of the wreck and was thrown more than 100 feet from the bike.

The high-speed hooliganism went down about 2 a.m. Sunday, when a PCSO deputy traveling northbound on Gantzel Road in San Tan Valley saw a motorcycle speeding down the southbound side of the road.

The deputy clocked Colazo at 157 mph in a 45 mph zone -- right before he smacked into a pole at the intersection of 36630 North Gantzel Road.

From the PCSO:

He drove 348 feet through the dirt shoulder before he collided with the concrete base of the traffic signal pole. The motorcycle then flew through the air for another 18 feet before colliding with a wooden SRP pole. The motorcycle was nearly disintegrated on impact and Calazo flew an additional 104 feet through the air before striking the ground.

Colazo was transported by air ambulance to Scottsdale Osborn Hospital in extremely critical condition.

Assuming he's released from the hospital, Colazo is in some trouble. Gaffney says upon his release from the hospital, Colazo will be charged with aggravated DUI charges (his Arizona Driver's License is currently revoked), reckless driving, and criminal speed.

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