Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, One Time "Sucks" Censor, Won't Seek Re-election

Tempe's mayor, whom New Times persuaded to use the word "sucks" 11 times during a Tempe City Council meeting after he ruthlessly censored the word the week before, will not seek re-election.

Mayor Hugh Hallman announced at a City Council meeting last night that he is not planning to run for another term as mayor.

"Despite all that we have done and continue to do, our community, Tempe, is a captive of the leadership that now rules the direction and future of our great state of Arizona," he says.

"In the coming years, I will continue to commit myself to addressing the state's need for leadership and to assist those who demonstrate a capacity and vision to build on the greatness of this state and its people."

See video of Hallman's announcement here.

Hallman told New Times several months ago that he wasn't sure whether he wanted to continue his political career, but his announcement suggests he plans on seeking a higher, statewide office.

He's often been mentioned by Republican leaders as a potential candidate for secretary of state or state attorney general.

Hallman's term ends next spring.

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