Tempe Police Make 119 Alcohol-Related Arrests During ASU's Graduation Weekend

The results of a campaign to curb underage drinking and drunk driving during Arizona State University's commencement weekend are in, and the Tempe Police Department reports of 141 arrests over the course of the campaign.

Of the 141 arrests, 119 were alcohol-related.

"Our goal is to promote safe celebration practices," Central City Bureau Lieutenant James Peterson said before the campaign. "Graduation is the culmination of years of hard work, and we do not want to see a joyous occasion marred by tragedy. We hope that through a highly publicized and visible enforcement detail people will celebrate responsibly and lawfully. "

Of the 119 alcohol-related arrests, 27 were for driving under the influence -- five of which were for extreme DUI.

According to police, 12 of those arrested for DUI were underage.

Police arrested 92 people for alcohol violations over the course of the weekend and 22 others for various other crimes.

"We remain committed to removing impaired drivers from our roadways," Lieutenant Kerby Rapp of the Tempe Police Traffic Bureau says. "We want the community to understand the consequences of drinking and driving.  Get a designated or arrange for a ride.  It's not worth the risk of losing your life or taking the life of another."

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