Tempe Police Not Suspecting "the Left" -- or Anyone Else -- for Damage to Wendy Rogers' Landscaping Decor

Well, Tempe police aren't suspecting "the Left" or blog commenters are responsible for the vandalism at Congressional Candidate Wendy Rogers' house on Saturday.

Nor did police mention that they "recommended they investigate because of the coincidental timing of this attack with Rogers' campaign announcement amid the backdrop of recent history of political violence in Arizona," as Rogers' campaign claimed.

In fact, police say there are no suspects or witnesses to the vandalism to an address sign and some landscaping lights at the house. No fingerprints were found.

In essence, someone caused about $150 worth of damage by breaking the address sign off a stand and breaking the stakes on some lights (the lights still work!), and the campaign apparently decided to point the finger at America-loathing leftists.

"I thought I had seen it all," one of Rogers' campaign workers said. "But attacking a candidate's home and family is something we would expect in a third-world dictatorship. The hatred and anger already coming from the Left because of Wendy's unwavering commitment is downright frightening. In light of recent events in Arizona, we can't be too careful."

As evidence that "the Left" may have had something to do with it, the campaign provided some blog comments that were apparently "spewing forth in full force" about the announcement of Rogers' candidacy, a couple of which called her a "lunatic" and the "most extreme Republican."

On the other hand, others haven't quite responded the same way to incidents that may have been related to politics.

When it appeared that someone had shot through a window at the officer of Congressman Raul Grijalva's -- an alleged member of "the Left" -- his spokesman wouldn't even confirm that the bullet and the piece of glass it went through were related to each other.

According to our readers' poll this morning, about 3.8 percent still think "the Left" messed with Rogers' front yard.

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