Tempe Police Seized 2,064 Fake IDs in 2010

More than 2,000 underage drinkers in Tempe had some pretty crappy fake IDs last year.

The Tempe Police Department announced Tuesday that 2,064 fictitiously used IDs were seized by police and Tempe's Downtown District bars in 2010, all from under-21ers trying to get into liquor establishments.

Tempe police Sergeant Steve Carbajal tells New Times the 2,064 IDs recovered were a combination of forged IDs and underage people presenting the over-21 identification belonging to other people.

Police say Arizona ID cards are the most common falsely-used state identification, edging out California and Texas, who rank second and third, respectively.

The amount recovered is fewer than the 2,098 IDs seized in 2009, but Carbajal says it's becoming harder for people to forge state identifications.

"The states are becoming increasingly proactive, and the technology they're using is great," he says.

Carbajal says arrests and fines are applicable to those caught using fake IDs, as 138 bar hopefuls were arrested by Tempe police for using fake identification last year.

The three bars in Tempe's Downtown District that nabbed the most fake IDs last year are a few Mill Avenue staples -- Mill Cue Club, School of Rock (formerly Cherry Lounge and Pit), and Zuma Grill.

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