Preston Aiookhai Huteson
Preston Aiookhai Huteson

Tempe Robbery Suspect Arrested in Las Vegas; Cops Have Questions About Zachary Marco Murder

Police in Las Vegas, Nevada, arrested a man on Tuesday suspected of committing armed robbery in Tempe. The robbery happened on October 17 -- which happens to be same day Arizona State University student Zachary Marco was murdered, and police have a few questions for the alleged thug.

Tempe police were looking for 21-year-old Preston Aiookhai Huteson, who is suspected of committing armed robbery near Lemon Street and Dorsey Drive just hours before Marcos murder. Lemon Street and Dorsey Drive also happens to be pretty close to where Marco was shot.

"At this point in the investigation there is nothing linking Huteson to the Zachary Marco homicide," Tempe Sergeant Steve Carbajal tells New Times.

However, talking about the Marco murder, Carbajal told the State Press yesterday "we'd love to have that conversation with him."

Marco, a third-year political science major with aspirations of going to law school, was murdered on October 17, as he walked home from the ASU library on the same day Huteson is suspected of committing armed robbery in roughly the same area.

Police believe Marco was approached by two men, who wanted his laptop and cellphone.

Despite growing criticism of how the Tempe Police Department is handling murder investigations, Marco's father, Dan Marco -- who issued a Mel-Gibson-in-Ransom-esque deal to the killer's accomplice -- says he's satisfied with the investigation.

"They have leads," the elder Marco said in an interview with KPHO. "They're working very hard. There are 12 detectives on it, that I'm aware of. I have full faith and confidence in the Tempe Police Department to do their job."

Anyone with information about Marco's murder is asked to call the Tempe Police Department.

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