Tempe Woman Allegedly Pepper-Sprays Her Two Young Daughters

Picture young girls who just watched their mother slob around drunk for a day.

Now, imagine them getting screamed at for not giving the drunken mom her car keys so she can go careening around the streets of Tempe smashed.

After a few minutes of yelling, mom then pepper-sprays them.

This was reality for two Tempe girls Saturday night, police say.

Cops say 35-year-old Michelle Antone got hammered Saturday night. When her daughters, a 10- and a 15-year-old, refused to help find her car keys, Antone pepper-sprayed them.

The girls finally called police.

Antone took off on foot and was later found in a nearby park.

The mother, who police say already has one DUI arrest, was arrested and charged with assault.

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