Tempe Woman "Too Fat" to Work at Strip Club. Takes to Exchanging Boob Grabs For Beads on Bank of Salt River

Elyzabeth Leitner, 20, is apparently "too fat" to work at a Tempe strip club. The drunk hooligans floating down the Salt River Saturday afternoon apparently are slightly less discriminatory.

Leitner was arrested Saturday after cops watched her flash her ta-tas to several people, including three men who gave her party beads in exchange for boob grabs.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police watched as Leitner walked up to the three men, had a brief conversation, and then removed her pink bikini top. The men would each then grab her bare boob and hand her some party beads.

Leitner's hardly the first person to drop her top while tubing on the Salt River. Click here to see how a floating stripper pole works (VIDEO).

The arresting officer notes in the arrest report that there was "a large crowd on the shore of the river" near where Leitner was seen by the officer, which makes sense considering there was a 20-year-old girl pullin' out her cans for anyone with a few beads.

The officer says a lot of people tubing down the river were exposed to Leitner's boobs. That, according to her Facebook page, may have been her goal.

Last Tuesday, Leitner posted on Facebook that she's apparently "too fat to work at Christie's in Tempe." Christie's, as you can see by visiting its website, is a high-end strip club.

When asked by a friend for an explanation, Leitner responded by saying the problem is her "frickin stomach. lol, like, really I weigh 135 [pounds and] I'm 5-foot-7. how much skinnier can I get!?

Four days later, Leitner was exchanging boob grabs for beads on the banks of the Salt River.

Leitner did not immediately respond to New Times' request for comment.

In addition to flashing some skin for some plastic beads, it was also revealed that Leitner's blood alcohol content at the time was .167. Leitner, as we mentioned, is only 20.

Leitner was booked for public sexual indecency and being a minor in possession of alcohol. When she was arrested, authorities discovered there was also a warrant for her arrest for possession of marijuana.

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