Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidate Makes Arizona Politicians Look Good

Arizona politicians are getting a reputation throughout the country. Let's just say Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer appearing almost nightly on national news programs hasn't left the rest of the nation in awe of their smarts.

That said, Arizona politicos owe Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux a thank-you card or two because he makes J.D. Hayworth -- once listed as one of the dumbest members of Congress -- look like Thomas Jefferson.

Marceaux appeared on a local news show in Tennessee to make his case about why he should be the state's next governor. It didn't go well.

In fact, we're not sure if we want to give the poor guy a hug or see if he's able to walk in a straight line.

One of Marceaux's campaign promises is to immunize Tennessee residents "from all state crimes for the rest of [their] life."

We got the video, which you can see after the jump. If nothing else, it's a pleasant reminder to Arizonans that things could always be worse.

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