Terry Goddard Now Investigating Andrew Thomas in Turnabout; Thomas Calls It "Dirty Pool"


After two years under a bogus investigation by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, state Attorney General Terry Goddard is fighting back with his own investigation.

Goddard has launched a probe into Thomas' questionable acts, the Arizona Republic reported last night.

The article doesn't get specific about what Goddard will be looking into, but there's no shortage of fodder for such as investigation. Goddard could start by getting to the bottom of the apparently baseless investigation of how he handled the prosecution of former State Treasurer David Petersen.

Goddard also has been investigating the dormant -- but still smoking -- case of the Sheriff's Command Association, a shady org of Arpaio's top troops and rich buddies that helped fund an R-rate political ad in 2008.

The probe of Goddard by Thomas and Arpaio seemed misguided, unethical and lacking of a shred of proof that Goddard had done anything wrong, while Thomas' missteps have been widely criticized and blasted by the court system. But that doesn't mean this latest move by Goddard isn't politically motivated. 

Both Goddard and Thomas have established exploratory committees in their quests for higher offices. Goddard wants to be governor, while Thomas is trying for the second time to be state attorney general. Tim Nelson, Thomas' former running mate in the 2008 election, is Goddard's chief assistant.

It's payback time. Thomas tells the Republic that Goddard's investigation is "dirty pool."

Of course, Goddard's late to the party. The feds are looking at Thomas. A Pima County judge blasted Thomas in a recent ruling. And a Colorado official has been assigned to look into new Bar complaints against the county attorney.

Finally, Goddard finds the water is safe enough for him to go swimming.

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