Terry Goddard on Twitter; State AG Ditches Boring, Third-Person Site, Tweets Personal Stuff

Looks like our recent criticism of Terry Goddard's boring, old Twitter account made an impact, (though we're pretty sure we weren't the only ones suggesting he liven things up).

The state Attorney General began a new, more personalized Twitter account this week, to the accolades of some of his followers. Instead of dry, third-person tweets, Goddard kicks off his new site by telling us how he'll miss the late Jack Pfister, a former SRP General Manager.

He then moves on to snippets of his trip to Flagstaff this week.

I am heading to Flagstaff for the AZ law enforcement gathering. When law enforcement works together- bad guys get caught and convicted.

See -- this is almost like throwing an elbow to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Goddard's political nemesis who's known for not playing well with others.

I am visiting Flagstaff Mayor Sara Presler. Today's her birthday. She is very succesful...and very young. Happy Birthday, Mayor. about 19 hours ago from web

This tweet allows to imagine the cake and pointy hats Goddard and Presler might have worn.

Great lunch yesterday with Democratic Women of Northern AZ. Ladies, thank you for your active leadership and advocacy. Keep up the fight! about 4 hours ago from web

Thankin' the ladies -- what a guy.

Definitely more readable than the previous tweets typed up by his staff. But if Goddard wants to be hardcore Twitterer (Tweeter?), he'll need to tell us what snacks he ate on the road trip back home.

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