Terry Goddard's Itchin' to Debate Jan Brewer Again. Jan, Not So Much

Gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard's pulling out all the stops in trying to get Governor Jan Brewer back on stage for a debate, and Jan's not havin' it.

Goddard's accepted invitations to 10 debates or candidate forums and Brewer, apparently, won't be at any of them.

"Why is Jan Brewer hiding?" Goddard says in a press release. "Is something wrong, or is she so controlled by her lobbyist advisers that they won't let her speak? I'm happy to talk about my record, my plans for Arizona's economic recovery, and how to fix our broken budget. Jan Brewer owes Arizona the same information, but the people who manage her plan to keep her quiet until after the election. They're playing a cynical game of keep away with the Arizona voters."

Can you really blame them? Last time Jan joined Goddard for a debate it didn't exactly go well -- for Jan, anyway.

As you may recall -- and if you don't there's a reminder below -- anything Brewer said in the first debate was overshadowed by one of the most epic brain-farts we can remember. 

In the middle of her opening statement, Brewer went blank. She didn't speak, just gigled nervously for about 13 seconds.

Following the (ahem) moment of silence, Jan vowed to not participate in any more debates.

We contacted the governor's office to see if Brewer's had a change of heart. We thought she might want to reconsider and "did" what's right for voters. But, as usual, the governor's office never got back to us.

Now, as always, check out Jan's brain fart below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.