Find Out Via Text If Your Representatives Have Received Money From NRAEXPAND

Find Out Via Text If Your Representatives Have Received Money From NRA

In a matter of seconds after texting NRA to 50409, you can find out who your state's two U.S. senators are, your representative in the U.S. House and your state's governor and how much money they have received from the NRA, plus how much the NRA has donated to their opposition.

We tested it out, first by texting NRA to the number.

They then asked for our address, so we texted 1201 East Jefferson Street, 85034 (the address of Phoenix New Times)
And within seconds we were told all about our representatives in the House and Senate, and Doug Ducey is our Governor.

"The NRA has spent $7,755,701 in direct and outside support to help Sen. John McCain win, and $15,180 in opposition," it read.

The total was $365,302 for Senator Jeff Flake, with zero in opposition, and  zero  for Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, with $20,556 in opposition.

It even took things a step further, and auto-created tweets about McCain and Flake calling on them to send back some of the money they received from the NRA. 

The final message it automatically sent us said what you can do anytime in the future. If you text "resist" or "giffords" it will connect you with a group organizing against gun violence in America.

The power of social media.

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