That Andy Thomas Won't Win Election Today is Reason to Rejoice

It's depressing out there, no doubt.

President Barack Obama's "honeymoon" never happened, partly his fault, partly not.

The collective memory of the "American public" is about as long as that of a rather slow 2-year-old.

Joe F-ing Arpaio, a paragon of everything that can be bad about law enforcement, is going to outlive all of us, right?

But, alas, an unexpected bright note amid the ennui:

Andrew Peyton Thomas, (in the photo), whose reign of terror as Maricopa County Attorney ended earlier this year when he resigned to run for Arizona Attorney General, will not win election today.

No, he hasn't been indicted by a grand jury, and who knows if he ever will face a jury of his peers for the oft-documented sins of his regime.
And, yes, he still has a ticket to practice law in Arizona, as that agency's intense investigation of the Harvard Law School grad continues.
But Tom Horne nipped Thomas in the Republican primary a few months ago, and faces what may be another tight one against Democrat Felicia Rotellini.
If he does happen to win tonight, Horne is unlikely to remind anyone of Grant Woods or one of our favorite all-time politicians, Bob Corbin -- both of whom served with occasional distinction as Republican AG's.
Let's forget for a moment that Andy Thomas made for great copy (and a whole bunch of blog posts).
The simple fact that the guy won't be elected to anything -- at least tonight -- is reason to rejoice.

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Paul Rubin
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