The Anti-Arpaio Protest Video, by -- Who Else? -- Dennis Gilman

Well, here's one sure to spook the socks off the nativists -- Gilman's latest YouTube effort promoting the anti-Arpaio march tomorrow. This little poison pill features loads of video coughed up by the sheriff's office in the case of Juan Mendoza Farias, a poor sap who went into Arpaio's roach motel of a jail and never came out alive.

Gilman's vid also features footage of some of Joe Arpaio's cowardly deputy dawgs wearing ski masks, juxtaposing one of them with a Klan-robed sheriff's deputy in Selma, Alabama circa 1960-something. Already, Gilman's gotten tons of views, and tons of hate mail. Can't figure out why.

Thing is, not all of Joe's employees lack humanity. But they serve a master who does not recognize the humanity of others, and who is hell-bent on propping up his own gargantuan ego. If there's a judgement after this life, I would not want to be in their shoes.What are they gonna say to the Big Poppa up above, that they didn't know better? They best pray that the atheists are right.

Gilman's statements are his own here, I'm just giving you a gander. Even if you disagree with some of it, you have to admit, as agitprop, it's brilliant.

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