The Cardinals' "Excessively Gay Celebration Dance" Becomes Hilarious Viral Video

When the Arizona Cardinals celebrated a safety against the Atlanta Falcons during the game on January 3, they probably didn't think it was going to become one of the funniest sports moments on video Web site YouTube.

But the Cards' "excessive celebration" video includes so many hilarious visuals that they might want to think about adopting it as their own sort of "Ickey Shuffle." First, there's Cardinal Darnell Dockett virtual riding teammate Antonio Smith, and then the referee reaches around and grabs a handful of Dockett's crotch. The video below is slowed down to show all the detail of the moment:

The video below is a longer version, showing the entire play up to the safety celebration. It also includes some great commentary by Chris Collinsworth, who points out that Smith gave Dockett "a couple of bucking bronco rides."

We can't wait to see what sort of Cardinals dances appear on YouTube if they win the playoff series against the Panthers.

Matt Leinart, we're looking at you.

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