The Case That Won't End: Doug Grant's Stepdaughter Files `Wrongful-Death' Suit

If things weren't bad enough for Doug Grant, now serving a five-year prison term after a jury convicted him of manslaughter in the death of his wife Faylene, get this:

Jenna Stradling, his 19-year-old stepdaughter (and a key witness against him in the controversial, high-profile case) has filed a lawsuit against him in Maricopa County Superior Court. 

Among other things, the suit seeks punitive damages against the former Phoenix Suns nutritionist for "wrongfully" having caused Faylene's death in September 2001 at the couple's Gilbert home. If you don't know the details of this twisted and tragic case, here is a link to some of our extensive coverage.

Chandler attorney R. Keith Perkins of the "Never Again Foundation Legal Services" firm (we're not making up the name) filed the suit on Jenna's behalf on May 29.

In addition to the wrongful-death allegation, Jenna also is seeking to bar Grant from making any money based on "the notoriety of his criminal homicide of Faylene Eaves Grant by attempting to publish a book (or through other media)."

Grant's attorney, Mel McDonald, told several people during the trial that he was interested in penning a book about the unique so-called "Mormon Murder Case," though we're unsure where he is with the prospective project in light of his crushing defeat. (For the record, I have been approached by two book agents about doing my own take on the case, but nothing is happening at this point. I have not been in contact with Doug Grant since his conviction, and have no plans of writing "his" book.)

What is immediately striking about Jenna's lawsuit is that her older brother Austin is not listed with her as a plaintiff.

However, the suit does make references to Austin and the young woman's other two half-brothers -- Marley and Braven Grant, who are the progeny of Doug and Faylene -- noting that they, too, are entitled to a claim of unspecified property "wrongfully acquired through Douglas Grant's killing of their mother."

A judge has scheduled a hearing on the matter next month.

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