The Chandler Cinemas presents the Moulin Rouge

By Jillian Sloan

The Chandler Cinemas doesn't quite carry the clout of the Moulin Rouge, but the half-dressed ladies and men in tails in attendance on Saturday night did smack of the dance club brothel. It took an audience with a passion for low budget productions and a true love for the musical film, The Moulin Rouge, to appreciate this event.

Click to see a few additional photos from Moulin Rouge at Chandler Cinemas.

Remember when you were younger and you and your buddies would pretend to be characters from your favorite movie or Tv show? The film played on the screen while directly in front of it players lit with stage lights acted along with the movie, lip syncing the entire time. They mimic the action, try to replicate the dance scenes (try), and you never hear their voices.

It's a good time if you've seen the movie before because 100 other people in the theatre have seen it at least 100 times and can (and will) recite every word of every moment and every line of every song. Oh, and if you have a friend you just can't take to the movies because they never shut up during the flick, this is the perfect gig for you! Because throughout the movie, whether the scene is tragic and mushy, audience members shout out whatever they damn well feel like saying and are in fact encouraged to make jokes and comments. Even when Satine and Christian have just experienced an epiphany of their love and are about to engage in the most romantic smooch of the movie, shutting their eyes to cruel realities and enveloping themselves in the truth and beauty of the bohemian revolution, acting upon the greatest thing they'll ever learn...okay, too much.

In truth, it's really just a group of misfits working together to share a common joy. Oh yes, and to have an excuse to dress like a bunch of whores.

If maybe you're curious about this whole movie-watching-lip-synching-acting thing and want to check it out, the crew has promised an encore next year, right around Valentine's Day. Ah, the perfect date for that loud-mouth, floozy looking girlfriend who's really a romantic at heart.

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