The City We Should Have

Some people never abandon hope that Phoenix could truly be a wonderful city. Like us. We hang on, even faced with a Phoenix City Council election where a few pathetic candidates contemplate nothing more significant than their hangnails. Come on!

You guys allergic to fun? We're not. Even as we bemoan the bonehead mistakes the council keeps making, we're ready to offer solutions.

Okay, so skiing the SRP canals is illegal. We got your attention, didn't we? The way we see it, we've got laws to change, attitudes to adjust and landmarks to save. We've got to face some old problems with new ideas. We've got to think big and bold and bizarre. A lot of ideas you'll find on the following pages are dead-serious attempts to get this city moving. Others are paint balloons thrown against the wall. But then, we think graffitti deserves a place in Phoenix, too.

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Terry Greene