Gov. Janet Napolitano: Hey, that's one way to lose the mullet.

The Friday Poll: Who do you wanna see bald other than Britney Spears?

In honor of ex-pop tart Britney Spears goin' all cue ball on us, this week's Friday poll is a simple one: "Which celebrity or public official would you like to see shorn of locks and why?" Poll participants were asked to choose someone who hadn't gone bald previously. As you can see, we've included a few Photoshopped pics of the celebs in question. Tell us who you'd like to see bald, and maybe we can get our new art dood to break down and shave some virtual noggin for us.

Celine Dion: Now she looks like her husband.

10) Hillary Clinton Because then she'd look even more like a ball-buster.

9) Angelina Jolie She'd still look amazing, but I would hope it would save us from hearing how goddamn perfect she is all the time.

8) Gael Garc�a Bernal He is so solidly hot that I just think we need to see additional aspects of it.

7) Gov. Janet Napolitano It's one way to make her lose that mullet.

6) Dolly Parton Then she'd have three boobs instead of two.

5) Kirsten Dunst She doesn't need hair to be hot.

4) Prince He could paint it purple, or paisley.

Prince: He'll be feelin' that purple rain fall on his chrome dome.

3) Celine Dion Christ, she'd look like an ostrich.

2) Phyllis Diller Assuming she's still alive.

and the Number One celebrity or public official we'd like to see shorn of locks and why,

1) Condi Rice Man, that'd make her the ugliest woman in the world.

Condi Rice: Aaaaaaaaaah, Emmanuel Lewis lives!

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