The Gringo Mask: Latest Form of "Protection for Latinos" in AZ

SB 1070 is all the rage in the news biz these days, and now its effects have made the jump into the fashion world, as well.

An advertising agency, in the wake of 1070, is offering a new form of "protection for Latinos" in a mask that can transform even the brownest Mexican into a stereotypical Aryan that would make Hitler proud.

The Gringo Mask is the creation of the advertising firm Zubi Advertising -- one of the country's largest Hispanic advertising agencies -- and is designed to protect Latinos from brown-bashing cops hell-bent on seein' those papers.

Find out how to get one for yourself after the jump.

The mask's creator, Joe Zubi, sent us the goods on the gimmick, and it turns out that the mask is free to anyone who wants one -- even white guys who just want to look like Eric Byrnes (check out what your new face could look like in the photo on the left).

All you need to do to get your own Gringo Mask is go to the company's Web site (click here) and print one out -- it's free.

Strapping a picture of a white guy's face over your own probably won't fool most of Arizona's  good cops, who may get forced to uphold the law (if it makes it through court challenges), but we have a feeling there's a few goons in Joe Arpaio's department dumb enough to fall for it.

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James King
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