The Kids Put Joe Arpaio on Blast: Video of Friday's Children's Walk to Wells Fargo

Above is Phoenix pro-immigration activist Dennis Gilman's video of this past Friday's successful Children's Walk for Family Unity, organized by Sal Reza's organization Puente. Despite the fake outrage over the demonstration from radio lunkheads like Mac and Gaydos on local wing-nut station KTAR 92.3 FM, I think you can tell from the video that the kids all seemed to enjoy the march and seemed to understand what they were marching for.

After all, it's not difficult to comprehend who the bad guys are when your parents have been robbed from you during some anti-immigration sweep or raid by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. In the video are several children whose parents have been torn from them, including Katherine Figueroa, the 9-year-old whose parents were arrested during the MCSO's raid on Lindstrom Family Auto Wash in June. Thanks to Arpaio's misguided immigration policies, Figueroa (who is a U.S. citizen, BTW) got to watch her father being arrested on the TV news.

Arrested for what? Oh, you know, the usual: Busting his back washing cars for a living in order to feed his family. So for all you nativist whiners out there with all this free time on your hands to kvetch about illegals taking jobs that you don't really want -- and I mean you, United for a Sovereign America members -- get thy lazy, ofay selves down to Lindstrom's and grab a rag. Otherwise, zip-it, patty-kickers.

The best part of this video has to be when Gilman does his Allen Funt/Bob Saget impersonation after the event and asks the tykes what they want to do when they grow up. A couple, including Katherine, say they want to be lawyers -- to "help people" caught up in raids like those by Arpaio's goons. The most amusing answers come from the kids who say they want to be police officers.

Why do they want to be cops? "So we can arrest Arpaio," says one little boy.

A little girl raises her hand, and says she wants to be a cop, too, so she can, "close that building." With a jerk of her head, she indicates the Wells Fargo Tower, where the MCSO keeps two pricey floors of executive suites paid for by county taxpayers.

Now that's funny. And telling. When he was asked about the march by the local media, Arpaio lamented that it wasn't right to teach kids not to respect cops. Thing is, they respect real cops, Joe. They just don't respect you, or the thugs that do your bidding. 

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