The Less Than Grand Prix

Why is Mayor Terry Goddard getting away with this ridiculous car race?
Did anyone ask you about spending millions in taxpayers' money for this slapdash project. The city has gone on a wartime footing to repave downtown streets, build garages and overpasses, and erect concrete sidewalk barriers.

They couldn't work any more feverishly if they were preparing for a Soviet invasion.

And all because of a car race that not one Phoenix voter wanted.
Terry Goddard keeps talking sanctimoniously about reviving downtown. Well, what he's been doing for the past month is encasing it in a concrete coffin.

Small businesses along the path of the race are being squeezed out of existence.

Customers can't find their way around the barricades to get to them.
Goddard boasts the race will be televised worldwide. So this event will show everyone in Paris what a wonderful place Phoenix is during the first week of June.

Perhaps a new international vacation axis will emerge.
From now on it will be Paris in the spring, Phoenix in June. It's reminiscent of an old Hoagie Carmichael tune. The Parisians love good cooking. In Phoenix, with the temperature at 112, they'll be able to prepare omelets right on the shimmering sidewalk at Washington and Central.

Goddard's gang says we all complain too much. They fault us for fighting ValTrans and the infamous Zev Bufman amphitheatre.

But we missed on this car race. This is the event that clearly should never have been allowed to happen.

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Tom Fitzpatrick