The not-so great Gadsby: Looney-tunes MCC instructor Blair Gadsby hunger strikes John McCain over 9/11.

MCC's Blair Gadsby, developer of the 9/11 diet plan.

Need more evidence that community college courses are too often taught by tards? Look no further than Mesa Community College instructor Blair Gadsby, MA, who apparently teaches a religious studies course at MCC (they have his title listed as "Substitute - Day Inst "), and is a full blown 9/11 wack-job in his copious free time. So much so that he reportedly plans a hunger strike at the Phoenix offices of Senator John McCain this Memorial Day to protest McCain's forward to the 2006 tome Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts.

According to a recent press release, Gadsby wants two hours with McCain to convince him of the error of his ways. Not that Gadsby has any evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. None of the "troofers" do. They just believe 9/11 was inside job. You know, kind of like how the Flat Earthers believe our globe is really a pancake, or how UFO-ologists are convinced the government has those alien bodies on ice out at Area 51. Gadsby joins such renowned 9/11 nutbar "profs" as Kevin Barrett, who once wrote in an e-mail that, "I would still have to characterize the Holocaust as it is taught in the US as a hideously destructive myth," as well as moonbatty philosophy don James "Uncle" Fetzer, and theology proctor David Ray Griffin, who alleges the calls from Flight 93 passengers to family members on 9/11 were faked using super-sophisticated voice morphing technology.

In his statement on the Web site patriotsquestion911.com, Gadsby indicates that the collapse of World Trade Center 7 "sealed it for me," even though the building "was not hit by an airplane." He's right, of course. WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane. Rather, it was hit by falling debris from the North Tower, and its interior burned nonstop all day before finally going down. But that's a pretty boring explanation, bolstered though it is by reality. A much more exciting thesis is that it was brought down in a controlled demolition, as part of a massive conspiracy by Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and the rest of the Bushies. Proof, schmoof! All you have to do is believe, baby.

I for one hope that Gadsby is successful in his hunger strike. Nah, I don't want him to get any time with McCain. I want him to starve! And as he does so, I'd like to be there, noshing on some Chinese takeout. Plus if Gadsby keels over from lack of sustenance, maybe his students will get a replacement religion prof who has a PhD and is not a complete fruitcake. Hey, dare to dream, people.

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