The Party May Be Over, but Survey Finds ASU's Among Colleges Offering Most Bang For Your Buck

Last month, Arizona State University trickled further down the list of the most elite party schools in the country, drawing a tear from frat boys throughout Tempe. While the keg might be kicked for ASU's party scene, students can rest easy knowing that, according to a recent survey, they are getting one of the best values in education in the country.

Last week, Forbes Magazine released its 2009 list of "America's Best College Buys," and ASU was ranked an impressive 28th.

The survey looked at 600 universities to find schools with "the most quality for each tuition dollar spent," and at about $5,300 per year, ASU is among the top echelon of cut-rate colleges.

The survey looked at several aspects of the Sun Devil college experience including students' satisfaction with their course instruction, and indicators of their post-graduate employment success. This combined with relatively low tuition has made ASU one of only six West Coast universities to find itself in the top 30.

Four years of classes, Phoenix's stagnant job market, and less partying than ever? Doesn't sound like much of a bargain if you ask us.

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James King
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