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In this case, both major daily newspapers covering the election -- The Arizona Republic and Tribune Newspapers -- endorsed the project repeatedly on their editorial pages. Neither reported on the dearth of the Flexer report or the lack of details on the project's financing. Television news coverage focused on Coyotes players signing autographs during campaign pep rallies. Sports radio stations pimped the project for Coyotes, with the team's flagship station KDUS unabashedly promoting the arena.

The business press, which could have interpreted the deal for its readers, was nearly silent on the issue.

"Unless the media is covering the election with the same intensity and scrutiny 30 days before an election that it will typically save up for 24 to 48 hours before election day, it's meaningless," says political consultant Bob Grossfeld.

Providing accurate information to the public is particularly difficult when cities such as Scottsdale refuse to share crucial information such as the Flexer report prior to an election.

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