The Pistons and The Palace Await the Struggling Suns on Sunday, After Tonight's Rematch With Golden State

Home of the Pistons: The Palace at Auburn Hills

For Phoenix Suns fans, there have been some stomachache-inducing moments this season. The disheartening blowouts in Boston and Charlotte. The heartbreaker on Christmas Day against San Antonio. However, the team's official fall into bottomless pit of apathy occurred at the conclusion of the first quarter during Wednesday night's game in Oakland. Scoreboard: Golden State Warriors 43, Phoenix Suns 30.

Seriously, guys? Forty-three points yielded in twelve minutes against a 15-win team? Totally ridiculous. Even more ludicrous is the 124 points given up during the Suns' 12-point defeat.

At 8:30 tonight, the Suns play the Warriors again, this time at US Airways Center (TV: ESPN: Radio: KTAR AM-620), and we pray for the best.

Which bring up this question: Is the season over? Kind of looks that way, huh? You know, if you don't have an identity in February when the season is more than three months old, you gots some serious problems, yo. Maybe that's why there's talk about an Amar'e Stoudemire trade in the not-so-distant future.

Now Phoenix must hit the road again and it couldn't come at a worst time. Add in the fact that they draw the Detroit Pistons at their house on Sunday, February 8, and it's a bad time to be a Suns fan.

The Pistons, led by Allen Iverson and his 18 points per game, are currently in second place in the Central Division behind the super awesome Cleveland Cavaliers. And though Detroit is just 26-21 at the time of writing, this is team chockful of explosive veterans -- such as shooting guard Richard Hamilton, small forward Tayshaun Prince, power forward Antonio McDyess, and center Rasheed Wallace -- who can turn it on at anytime. Add in the bustling skills of Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum, and this is a team that nobody wants to face, especially when your team is quickly going south.

Have fun, Suns.

The game tips-off at 6 p.m. Sunday at The Palace at Auburn Hills. National TV: ESPN. Radio: AM-620.

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