The Red Bird Brawlers: Who Would Win If These Cardinals Squared Off?

On Sundays this fall, the Arizona Cardinals will go to battle on the gridiron.

However, the only fighting Cards' players have done so far this off-season happened at training camp yesterday, and it was amongst them themselves.

Multiple scrums broke out, one of which nearly involved the entire team.

After Darnell Dockett and Alan Faneca went to the ground on a play, Dockett stuck his hands out and tripped Matt Leinart -- a big no-no in practice. Then all hell broke loose with punches being thrown from all over and players trying their best WWE wrestling maneuvers.

While another skirmish probably won't happen soon, we wondered who would come away victorious if more tussles did happen. Check out the best matchups after the jump.

Beanie Wells (running back) vs. Jay Feely (kicker)

Our first matchup has little to do with actual fighting and everything to do with alma maters. This duel pits Jim Tressel's sweater vest and Ohio State (where Beanie went to school) against the maize and blue of Michigan, where Feely attended. We're basing this one off recent success, clearly giving the edge to Wells and the Buckeyes. Michigan fans still have a sour taste in their mouth from 2007 -- Appalachian State, anyone?

Edge: Wells

Joey Porter (linebacker) vs. Deuce Lutui (offensive lineman)

The Mouth against The Weight. Porter is known for running his yap, running around and taunting opponents before, during, and after the game. Lutui, on the other hand, is known for his excessive girth. The Cards Web site has him listed at a generous 338 pounds, but there were reports that he was tipping the scales closer to 400 a few weeks ago. In an actual fight, we'd say Porter, because of his swagger and ability to move around. Deuce lacks the stamina to keep the fight going.

Edge: Porter

Michael Adams (cornerback) vs. Calais Campbell (defensive lineman)

One of the more interesting matchups on the list, this one showcases height against, well, no height. Campbell is the tallest player on the team at a 6-8. Adams is an entire foot shorter at 5-8. In a possible David vs. Goliath clash, who would win? Duh, Campbell

Edge: Campbell

Larry Fitzgerald (wide receiver) vs. Adrian Wilson (safety)

The Cards best player on offense takes on the best player on defense. While these players compete for superiority on the practice field every day, an actual fight would be fascinating to watch. Both players stand at 6-3l, while Wilson has Fitz by 10 pounds. While Wilson would put up a great fight, the winner would be Fitzgerald. He's only the best receiver in the game. It wouldn't surprise us if he could throw down as well.

Edge: Fitzgerald

We tried finding an opponent for Leinart, but could only come up with a tackling dummy.

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