The Results Are In: Phoenix Police Announce Number of Arrests Made During Yesterday's Protests; We Were Way Off

There were no water cannons or police dogs. No riots or cops beating people with batons -- you could probably say as far as protests go, yesterday's demonstration in downtown Phoenix over SB 1070 was a bit of a yawner.

People did get arrested, though.

The Phoenix Police Department is done crunching the numbers and announced this morning the total number of people the department took into custody during yesterday's protests.

In total, 45 people were arrested during the protests, according to Phoenix PD's Sergeant Tommy Thompson.

Those are only people arrested by the Phoenix Police Department, though. Other police agencies are yet to report their numbers.

In our morning poll yesterday, we set the over/ under for the number of people arrested at 12.5 people. Clearly we were way off.

Our guess, as we said yesterday, was a conservative one -- prior to the protests we'd heard from several people who said they planned to get arrested in an act of civil disobedience.

None of them were actually arrested, we found out today -- including one man who chained himself to the Fourth Avenue Jail.

Check back to Valley Fever later today for his story. 

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