The Rise of South Phoenix, Team Awesome Continue Growing Next Generation of Activists

The Rise of South Phoenix and Team Awesome, two groups that have built a reputation of mobilizing their friends, family, and neighbors during local, state, and federal elections, are empowering the community beyond the ballot box.

They continuing hosting neighborhood clean-ups, organizing food drives, and urging more civic engagement.

On Saturday, The Rise of South Phoenix -- a group of community activists -- joined with their west Phoenix counterparts (Team Awesome) to host a workshop that gathered volunteer attorneys to help undocumented youth fill out their applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

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DACA grants temporary status for certain undocumented young people who have pursued education or military service.

Organizers report that more than 60 families completed DACA applications on Saturday during the workshop.

Lawrence Robinson, an attorney and law professor at the Phoenix School of Law, rallied about a dozen of his colleagues who volunteered their time to assist people completing applications.

The Rise of South Phoenix is supporting Robinson in his bid for a District 8 seat on the Phoenix City Council.

"It was an honor to volunteer my time to help connect important services to the people they are designed to serve," Robinson said in a statement. "Community-based projects like this one make a true difference in the every day lives of Phoenix residents, and are the real face of immigration today."

Alejandro Perez, a recent graduate of Phoenix School of Law and local immigration advocate, says he was pleased with the turnout and says such events yield "real results" for the community.

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Monica Alonzo
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