The Term "Illegal Immigrant": Yay or Nay?

The term "illegal immigrant" has been the cause of some controversy, as some people and media outlets have changed their tones on whether it's offensive.

The Associated Press recently decided it's not using the phrase and the New York Times said yesterday that it's encouraging reporters to "consider alternatives" to the phrase, but some folks, like Governor Jan Brewer, still love the term.

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-Jan Brewer's Nonsense Explanation of Why She Uses the Phrase "Illegal Immigrants"

"When you break the law, you're doing something illegal, that makes you an illegal, so they are illegal immigrants," the governor who was arrested for DUI told ABC News.

Her other explanation sucked even more.

"Well, I'm sorry, but, you know, I believe that if you break the law, and you're an illegal immigrant, and you're in this country illegally, and you are an illegal immigrant," she said.

The phrase is meant to describe a person who entered or stayed in the country in an illegal fashion, but detractors say that it defines the person as illegal -- especially when people are called "illegals" -- and feel it's derogatory.

Let's hear from you: yay or nay on "illegal immigrant"?

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