The Winner of Best Reader Caption for Photo of Joe Arpaio, J.D. Hayworth, and Russell Pearce: Lazik11

Congratulations to the New Times reader who goes by the handle Lazik11, you are the proud winner of Valley Fever's inaugural You Write the Caption contest.

On Friday, we asked readers to provide what they think would be an appropriate caption for the above photo. We picked the five best reader captions and put it to a vote.

Lazik11 had two entries that made it to the top five, but one in particular apparently stole the show.

Now Joe, you can't just wander out of the house like this.  You had Eva all worried. It is a good thing Russ and I found you.  Did you forget to take your pills yesterday?  Russ, radio J.T. and let him know we found Joe in the desert again...oh and I think he need a fresh Depends.

Thanks to everyone who played, and congrats again to Lazik11 -- to retrieve your grand prize of a firm handshake and a glass of lukewarm Phoenix municipal tap water, come to the New Times Building at 1201 East Jefferson Street in Phoenix. Go to the front desk and ask for James King any time after 1 p.m., or don't, and save us a trip to the front of the building.
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James King
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